What's it like to work with Sashi?

The following are some comments with those that I have worked with, past and present, to give you a sense of what working with me is like...

How do you experience Sashi as a Counsellor/Coach?

From the moment I started my sessions with Sashi – I felt comfortable talking to him about anything and well supported. Compared to other therapists, I felt safe to talk honestly with him and felt properly heard. He helped me work through different challenges I was facing in life, always giving me actionable takeaways as well. I have learned a lot about myself and I feel like I have grown a lot. Sashi is very empathetic and understanding. He always listens and you feel supported no matter what the topic is.
J, December 2023

From my first meeting with Sashi I knew that he was empathetic, supportive and calming. Sashi has shown this empathy throughout our engagement. He is truly a compassionate person. Sashi remembers our conversations. He remembers the names of the family around me, my interests, experience etc., and makes our sessions feel like talking with someone who has known me for a long time. Sashi goes above and beyond, not only in making himself available for our sessions, but he takes time to regularly message and check in with words of support. He is truly unique in this regard.

C, November 2023

What’s it like to work with Sashi as a Supervisor?

During my time with Sashi, I have found him to be a very thoughtful supervisor. He demonstrates a good level of clinical competence, and effective communication skills while being supportive and empathetic. He offers constructive feedback while demonstrating a good level of ethical awareness. I have found Sashi to be genuine, and to have a very clear concern for my growth and development as a supervisee. Another factor is that Sashi demonstrates a very strong Biblical foundation in all he does with me as a supervisee. This is a significant factor for me.

W, August 22 – present

As a student counsellor now in Year 3, Sashi is my first supervisor. With his patience, kindness and understanding, I have really felt this has been a safe space for me to bring my concerns, questions and mistakes and grow as I have been able to take onboard the things he has spoken about. Sashi checks in on me too, as well as my clients and the work I do, enabling me to come away from my Supervision feeling a little more confident and equipped to do my next session with my clients. It has been so helpful to offload various things to him. I have come to really appreciate how important and valuable supervision with Sashi is. With his experience and wisdom as a counsellor too, I have learned a lot from him as he has encouraged me to be more curious, and braver too. It has also been so helpful to bring my faith into my supervison and know that Sashi gets it too.

J, August 22 – present