Life Coaching gives us an opportunity to approach life from a slightly different angle to counselling.  It provides an opportunity for those engaging with it to begin to not only dream about their future goals but also begin taking steps towards them. All too often, the reason that people do not achieve their goals is because they have not broken down their ideas into manageable steps.  

When we work together, you and I will reflect upon the challenges of the past but focus upon how you can change your present.  My training as a coach has given me the opportunity to work with young people in education, with adults either during or following counselling work and with businesspeople or those in education.  

You were born to do great things, and coaching aims to enable you to realise more of who you were designed to be. When you work with me, you will receive the support of someone who is skilled in helping you process and make sense of what is important to you.  I want you to discover your drives and your skills, then draw them out to a greater degree.  For me, what matters isn’t so much into giving you quotes to hang on your walls but rather the encouragement you need to take steps that will help you achieve your goals.  Life Coaching is an opportunity to learn, to discover the talents and qualities that you possess then considering how to make your possibilities actual realities.

So how could I specifically help you?  You may wish to implement plans having been promoted and now you aim to continue on well.  It may be that you have just crossed out of education as a student and now are beginning your working life which may be quite daunting, so the idea of having someone to walk with for a while feels useful.  You may well be one part of a couple wanting to invest some time into your relationship to enrich it further…  In all of these (and other) circumstances, you may just see the benefit of journeying with someone who has both a set of skills and the ability to support you right now in overcoming the hurdles you perceive are around you.

When we work together, I will listen to you, be honest with you, and help you by aiding you in hearing and seeing what you are experiencing. Whilst no one can guarantee you results, what can be ensured is that if you invest yourself into this opportunity, you will find that you enjoy a worthwhile outcome.