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Are you looking for the opportunity to receive support and help to work through issues that you are currently facing?  Maybe you’re looking for the opportunity to increase your output and make more of the situation that you are in?  Regardless of the reason, I look forward to working with you to help you develop further within your life.

Both Counselling and Life Coaching services are provided from my base in Horsham,  West Sussex.  I often work with people online but am able to meet face to face too.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity of working with people of varying ages and backgrounds.  I have had experience as an educator in both secondary and higher education.  I now provide a service that works with children from primary into secondary through to adults too in private practise.  Life is not straightforward, there are varying challenges and stresses at various places in life. It can be useful to have someone to process one’s situation with whether that be exploring past events through Counselling or whether it might be focussing on your goals through Life Coaching .

Whether you work with me in Counselling or within Coaching, what you will receive is the help of a person who is qualified and equally important, experienced at helping people at varying life places.  It may be that you wish to receive a blend of both Counselling and Coaching; this may well be appropriate.  We can schedule a conversation over the phone to explore with you what might be the best service that I can offer you currently.

Please take the opportunity to look through the site.  I would be really happy to talk with you about any questions you have, and if I recognise I am not the right person to help you right now, will seek to signpost you to someone who might be right for you for now.  Please feel free to be in touch.