Sashi Sehgal

Counsellor, Life Coach, Pastoral Supervisor

For the past 25+ years I have been working with people in pastoral settings.  I have had a range of experiences in various settings.  My experiences have been with people from a range of cultural backgrounds, both from the UK and abroad.  This has given me a unique insight into the varying challenges that people have as part of their daily lives.  

My qualifications are within Counselling, Coaching and Supervision.  These have equipped me ensuring that I provide a professional service.  Combined with my experiences, both with others and indeed personally, I am able to ensure that those whom I work with feel safe and assured in the service they are receiving.   

Currently I provide Counselling and Coaching services in two schools, one being primary and the other secondary.  My work in both settings often involves supporting families too.  I also have a private practice where I have the opportunity to work with people from 14 years through to adulthood.  The services provided through my private practice are offered  face to face and online using a video platform such as Zoom.