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My counselling work has afforded me the privilege of working with people that have experienced a range of challenging situations.  It has been an honour to help people to a reach a place where they can experience a more healthy sense of wellbeing.  

When working with you, I will provide you with a safe space to make sense of situations that have felt overwhelming, confusing or out of control.  You will be able to offload some of the challenges that you feel are clouding your mind.  It will give you the space to be heard, understood and valued.  When we work together, we will work at your pace.  Sharing your life is not an easy process, so I want you to feel secure within our work together.

There are a variety of approaches to counselling.  Every counselling model is formed from a worldview; my approach has been significantly influenced by a Christian worldview.  Scientific research has demonstrated on a number of occasions that faith can contribute to wellbeing, so for those seeking to integrate or explore the benefits of faith and spirituality from a Christian perspective, this can be integrated into our work together in therapy.  

Whether you choose this approach or not, the model which I use is an integrative holistic therapy.  When working with you, you will receive a bespoke approach inclusive of a range of psychological models inclusive of psychoanalysis, CBT and person-centred counselling.  I am also trauma-informed.  Working holistically means that we will explore issues together which are connected to your spiritual, physical, relational and consider these in relation to your mental health.  

I also offer an alternative approach focused upon inner healing which I call Christ-Centred Counselling.  If you wish to know more about this approach you can have a look here, or ask me for more details.

An average appointment will last for around 55 minutes, though I also offer meetings of 30 or 45 minutes too.  Charges are made on a sliding scale.  Issues that we discuss will be confidential (within the boundaries of the law).  We will explore the challenges you are facing and seek to implement strategies that will help you begin to make the changes that you wish to make.