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The two “fields” of work that I offer Supervision within are for those engaged in Pastoral work and that of Counselling.  My priority is to partner with you to ensure that you can provide the best support to those whom you serve.  You will be supported to manage your work, development and importantly, your self-care.  

There is something meaningful and fulfilling in seeing people move forward in their lives.  The truth however is that helping others sometimes comes at a personal cost.  For those that work in the helping professions, supervision is often offered as a means of support, care and further development.

Those that I supervise receive personal care and attention to work to ensure those that are served are well cared for. You matter, so it is of high importance that you work with someone who is skilled, insightful, but also personable. There is nothing worse than working with someone who does their work just to get paid.  When you and I engage in supervision, we will work together to ensure that you can do your work with the greatest potential possible.  

This work is carried out using the “Seven-eyed model” developed by Hawkins and Shohet.  This provides a helpful framework to process your work from, referencing a broad the breadth of which in turn will ensure that you have a rich and broad understanding about your work. 

To find out more, including costs for services, please get in touch by email at or, by phone at 07818 339119.