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Peer Mentor Training

PMT1Having worked with young people for over twenty years, I am well aware that they are both passionate and able.  If given the opportunity and the support, young people will  become a great source to others.  This means that communities can be even better supported and in turn can provide students with a valuable sense of esteem which is gained through carrying out important work within their community.   

With this in mind, I have trained numbers of students over the years to support their Peers within schools.  For the Mentors, the motivation to help others in supporting their Peers is a great reason to encourage them to develop further.  Those that are supported are brought into a network that often makes their lives more manageable knowing that they are valued and cared for.  

If you are involved in a school community and would like to find out about the benefits of Peer Mentoring further, please do contact me.  I will be happy to explain more.