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Schools Counselling and Mentoring Services

SchoolsFor over 25 years, I have worked with young people in varying roles.  During this time I have been fortunate to develop skills and experience with a wide range of children and young people which makes me highly proficient as a Counsellor and Coach within this age group.  When you are looking to develop and broaden your Pastoral Care provision within your school, you will find that NDUK will provide you with a well-managed service of Counselling and Coaching ensuring that your students and even their families gain the help to aid them as they are looking to grow.  

“Sashi provides an outstanding and invaluable service to our school.  He works consistently and proactively with our pastoral department ensuring that we support our students sensitively.  I know that the students find this service important in supporting them to move forward and remove barriers to their learning.  Sashi is the ultimate professional in his approach and all that he does.  He is responsive to the needs of students but also to us as school adapting and moving with the changing nature of this work.  He is always looking at how he can improve and refine what he does to provide the very best service.  We are very lucky to have him as a school and find his expertise and support beneficial to both staff and students.  In addition, his communication is excellent with great attention to detail.  Sashi is personable and someone students and staff find extremely approachable.  This clearly is key in his role to ensure he can makes a different for those he supports.  He most certainly does make a difference.”          Michelle Cooper, Headteacher

Our children and young people are facing a wide range of issues which makes it highly important to be responsive and pro-active in ensuring students are well supported as they continue in their personal development.  You will be supported as a Pastoral team within the school with ongoing updates and insights (within the boundaries of confidentiality) to ensure that you are able to help your students when they are carrying on with their education.  Furthermore, New Directions in Schools will also assist in parental meetings or in meetings with wider teams when appropriate to do so. 

If counselling or mentoring is not the most appropriate support for a child or young person, we will endeavour to signpost to other organisations who may be able to support you further.